MDS 012 – 5 Ways To Improve Your Church Communications with Bo Lane

This week I have a great guest for you, who is what I like to call a communications guru. Today, we are joined by my friend Bo Lane. Bo and I worked together at Timberlake Church in Redmond, WA a few years back. I was the technical director and he was the media director so we worked closely the entire time I was there. I really got to know not only Bo’s talents as a videographer, but also his heart and passion to see the church reach people far from God, via good church communications. Since our time together at Timberlake, Bo has continues to refine his process to help others achieve great communications within the local church and we want to share that with you today!

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Bo’s Main Points

5 Ways To Improve Your Church Communications

  • It’s not my job to do your job (10:05)
    • We will come back to this later
    • It’s my job to communicate the mission and the vision of the church
  • Church size really does matter (11:15)
    • We should celebrate numbers
    • Our church leadership and communication style has to change as our church size changes
    • Are you a generalist or a specialist? At what size of your church do you change from one to the other?
    • How can you retain who you have or gain who you don’t, or are you willing to give one up.
  • Define the foundational, occasional and discretionary elements of your services and your events (25:50)
    • What does it mean to be the church within your community?
    • You need to define, by writing it down, who you are
    • We have to ask what our why is
  • As communication people, we are the glass that magnifies, not defines
    • What is our purpose? Biblical and practical.
    • If we only have 7 minutes in our service for discretionary items, how are we best using that time?
  • Be intentional about being intentional (39:30)
    • What and how do we promote
    • We have to do this every step of the way.



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