MDS 008 – 3 Ways To Lead Your Team Well For A Great Worship Set with Winston Arblaster

This week I am joined by one of my greatest friends, Winston Arblaster, the Worship Director at New Hope Eugene, in Eugene, OR. On top of being the worship director at the church, Winston is also on staff as the chair head of music and worship at my Alma Mater, New Hope Christian College. As a student, Winston was my music theory and guitar teacher, as a co-worker he was my music director, and as a friend, he is someone I highly look up to as a great model for a person who takes extreme responsibility and care for his work and the level of excellence that’s its done with. And for that reason, I asked him to join us on this episode to share his wisdom of how to prepare and lead his team well! Playing and leading worship every week is a by product of the preparation, mindset and heart that goes into crafting Sundays. Join us for this great discussion as we learn more of the why.

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New Hope Eugene:

Winston’s Main Points

3 Ways To Lead Your Team Well For A Great Worship Set

  • Set your team up for success (09:32)
    • Help them prepare well for rehearsal
    • Have clear expectations for the rehearsal
  • Run a great rehearsal (21:00)
    • Be efficient with your time
    • Keep things focused and the mood light
  • Be sensitive to the needs of the service & guidance of the Holy Spirit (42:35)
    • Be flexible to cut, change or move any aspects of the service if necessary
    • Make a way for the Spirit’s leading


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