MDS 009 – How To Be A Creative That Your Leadership Loves with Tristen Cox

This week I am joined by a great friend of mine, the Worship Director at Timberlake Church in Redmond, WA, Tristen Cox. Tristen and I attended college together at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA and worked together at Timberlake. Since coming on staff at Timberlake in 2010, Tristen has held a handful of different titles and positions at Timberlake within the creative department, yet no matter what his title and job description is, he continues to be a creative force that his leadership team loves. Typically in churches, the leadership just doesn’t quite understand us creative people, but with Tristen’s advice, I firmly believe you can change that mindset around and become a voice that cannot be ignored.

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Tristen’s Main Points

How To Be A Creative That Your Leadership Loves

  • Your creative vision is never bigger than your church’s mission (13:24)
    • Don’t use creativity for the sake of being creative, use it to accomplish a goal
    • Everyone has the opportunity to hear the gospel, just not everyone has that opportunity twice, so it’s our job to eliminate distractions.
  • Nothing replaces hard work (29:30)
    • If your only creative outlet is church, you’re going to frustrate alot of people
  • Understand the curse that comes with your gift (36:30)
    • You have no excuse to not do your job well just because you’re a creative
    • You have to remember you’re getting paid from people sacrificially giving
    • We are in the people business


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