MDS 011 – The Big 3 Of Youth Ministry with Shawn Roberts

This week we finally jump into the world of Youth Ministry. I know we will do more episodes on youth ministry in the future, but I wanted to start out on this topic with a bang. My guest this week is Shawn Roberts, who is currently the Lead Pastor at The Fathers House Foursquare Church in Granite Falls, WA, but before accepting his currently position, Shawn worked as a Jr. & Sr. high pastor at a handful of churches for the past 25 years. A few of those years, I had the privilege to work with Shawn at New Life Church in Everett, WA. Shawn has an undying commitment to see youth come to know God and he has some crazy stories to tell about how he’s achieved that. From metal bands, to dreadlocks, to hockey and more, Shawn’s ministry has always been full on fun, excitement and unexpected but amazing events. I cant wait for you guys to hear what he has to say!

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Show resources:

Shawn’s Main Points

The Big 3 of Youth Ministry 

From Jeanne Mayo – Check out her blog HERE

  • Having a passionate love for God (10:40)
    • You have to have God on tap or else kids will notice
    • 20 second prayer – knees hit the floor first thing when you get out of bed
    • Be in God’s word everyday
    • SOAP Journal – Wayne Cordeiro
  • Having a genuine love for teens (20:00)
    • Kids know when you love them – DON’T FAKE IT
    • Love breaks down barriers
    • Going to middle school concerts, high schools plays, school sport games, taking phone calls at 4AM.
    • Be flexible
    • Willingness to be inconvenienced
  • Having a bit of the kid in you (30:30)
    • Not afraid to have fun with them
    • You don’t need to be pristine and perfect
    • Be on campus to understand youth culture
    • If you can play with them, you can pray with them


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