MDS 015 – 3 Ways To Create A Set List with Winston Arblaster

This week we have a great repeat guest on the show with us. Winston Arblaster, the Worship Director from New Hope Eugene and New Hope Christian College, joined us for episode 8 where we talked about how to lead your teams well for a great Sunday worship set. During that episode we quickly realized that we were not going to fit all our info into one episode, so we decided to break it into 2 parts. Here is part 2, 3 great ways to create a set list! Winston, once again, has so much great info to share with us, that we struggled to stay within our hour time frame. I’m really starting to think that he and I need to maybe start our own show. Needless to say, this episode does not disappoint.

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Winston’s Main Points

3 Ways To Create A Set List

  • Know Your People
    • Know Your Congreagation
    • Know your team
  • Know where you are going and to get there
    • Choose 1 song that will engage the congregation immediately
    • Decide where you want to lead them
    • Then pick songs that will most effectively bridge the beginning and ending
  • Make it flow
    • Lyrical connections
    • Musical connections

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