MDS 007 – 3 Ways To Change Your Church Culture with Don Garberg

On this weeks episode of the MDS podcast, we are joined by my father-in-law, the associate pastor at LifePoint Church in Lake Stevens, WA, Don Garberg. I’ve known Don now for close to 15 years. Over the course of that time we have worked together at 3 different churches and had many, many conversations regarding change. Even more specifically change in church culture. We boiled this topic down into 3 main ways for today discussion. You wont want to miss this episode!

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Show resources:

LifePoint Church:

Don’s Main Points

3 ways to change your church culture

  • Creative Change – music, graphics, videos, web site, environment (09:03)
  • Spiritual Change – Why do we go to church? Why do we serve? (39:45)
  • Practical Change – What’s your filter? Why do you do what you do? (50:02)

Creative Resources:

Spiritual Resources:

Practical Resources:

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