MDS 010 – 3 Ways To Balance Family and Ministry with Signe Tapert

This week we celebrate reaching our first double digit episode by having an extra special guest for episode 10. I’m honored to have my very own wife, Signe Tapert, joining us for today’s discussion. Our topic today centers around our top 3 ways to balance family and ministry. Signe and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this year, and although 5 years is not a long time, we do however feel like we have got somewhat of a grasp on how to accomplish this balance successfully. We are in no way shape or form experts on this topic, BUT I do believe we have some valuable insight to share about what has worked for us.

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Signe’s Main Points

3 Ways to Balance Family and Ministry

  • Communication (10:20)
    • With your spouse & children
    • Share your vision and goals
    • Ministry is a lifestyle, not just something you do
  • Health (21:35)
    • Who you are at church is who you are at home
    • Being consistent
    • Constantly lifting each other up
    • Don’t expect your spouse to serve the same amount as you do
    • It’s OK to say no
  • Prioritizing (30:30)
    • What is God asking you to do and serve?
    • What is realistic?
    • is there something you can do to serve together as a couple?
    • Only do what only you can do – Andy Stanley
    • Execute the things you say yes to the best you can


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